• KN's Story

    Knowledge Narratives was founded with a focus on helping organizations make the most of their training budgets by clearly identifying where/how performance is falling short, if training could help, and if so, creating effective solutions efficiently.

    Too often, businesses see training as a silver-bullet cure-all that should roughly mirror the formal schooling experiences from our childhood. KN rejects this mindset. Based on sound learning theory and cognitive science research, new vistas of opportunity exist for combining new technologies with proven "traditional" techniques to improve the Understanding, Retention, and Application of targeted training content.

    KN serves as a guide to our clients as they navigate the path to improved performance.

  • KN's Beliefs

    KN has a strong point of view regarding effective instruction. These beliefs include:

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  • KN's Principal

    Jon Revelos, Knowledge Narratives PrincipalJon Revelos has been a recognized leader in the performance improvement and instructional systems design field for over 20 years. His strong reputation is grounded in a progressive instructional systems design philosophy developed at Northwestern University's renowned Institute for the Learning Sciences (ILS) under Dr. Roger Schank. Having played senior leadership roles within several major organizations' learning departments and consulting for a variety of industry leading companies, Jon developed deep skills creating effective learning experiences and environments. He has repeatedly enabled individuals and organizations to recognize their potential through an effective blend of online, classroom, social, and performance support components. His specific areas of passion and speciality include Story-based Learning, Business Simulations, and Learning-by-Doing.
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