KN Services

  • Performance Strategy

    Sometimes the worst mistake an organization can make is to flawlessly implement a training solution to the wrong problem.

    Suboptimal performance by an individual, team, or company can be caused by a variety of factors. KN can help identify the true reasons for the most critical shortcomings through a holistic analysis of the situation, then create a strategy that enables change in an efficient, economical, and impactful way. KN focuses on measurable/observable performance results, not on potential improvements.

  • Instructional Design

    Effective ID requires much more than the linear execution of a textbook model - it involves a flexible and case-specific understanding of the targeted audience, the knowledge/skills they need, the available options for effective communication/delivery, and the success measurement strategies.

    KN's background in adult learning theory and cognitive science, coupled with extensive business training management and execution, ensures solutions that are practical but grounded in proven research on how the brain operates. The result is effective, efficient, and economical training that produce results.

  • Knowledge Harnessing

    The internal expertise and know-how within most organizations is far greater than is typically recognized, much less utilized. KN can help to identify the top performers within the company, elicit their knowledge and leading practics/processes, organize the information into accessible components, and make it available to others throughout the organization. This know-how is often most efficiently and effectively captured and communicated in the form of short stories of success, failure, surprise, and tacit insights. KN can help make your top performers your greatest teachers by leveraging, not ignoring, their proven knowledge and abilities.